Production Planning Tool get items from BOM


Would it be possible to add a third option to the Production Planning Tool that gets items from a BOM? If we have a multi-level BOM where we need to manufacture the child items instead of purchasing them, this enhancement would enable us to create production orders for such child items project-wise.


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Feature request on GitHub + some motivation :wink:

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Thanks @rmehta :slight_smile:

You can do this already…
You just add the parent item to the list directly and select the BOM you want access to. For each of the child items you want to manufacture, make sure the Default Material Request row is set to manufacture, then run the PPT (create material requests) with multi level checked. This will created a material request for manufacture for each of the child items. You can then use the PPT a second time to load in all the MRs for Manufacture and generate production orders for them.

Thanks for your reply.

I tried this and got to the point of generating MRs for the child items. However, when I try to get items from the MR, it looks for the default BOM for the child items. We don’t have a default BOM as such. The BOM is project specific.

Does it fail to let you create them, or just fills in blank or the wrong ones?

It displays a message “Default BOM for childname not found”

Hi Ben,

Any advice or workarounds you could think of for this?
At present, I am thinking of using the data import tool to create the production orders instead of the production planning tool.

Thanks a lot

Have tried my hand at this.

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Hi @ishanloya can you please share your emailid on message board. Wanted to discuss BOM substitute with you. thanks

hi @Ben_Cornwell_Mott, when using production planning tool, why does the only items that will be generated with material requests are the child items. I wanted to include the item (where we get the child items from) to be generated with material request as well. e.g we have items A, B, C, D, and we get the Items from D (parent), the only items that was generated with material request are A, B, C. (child). I just wanted to understand why . :slight_smile:, I’m new to erp by the way.