Process Payroll

Hi Experts,
When press create salary slip the active log mentioned that No employee for the above selected criteria OR salary slip already created although there are no slips created and there are employee for the selected criteria.
please advise

Hi @dufani1

Seems the filters used in the payroll process not fetching the employee records or maybe against them salary slip has already created for the selected period. Kindly change the filter if salary slip has not created and try to do the process again.

For more details, please check the section Process Payroll in the following link

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Since this issue is related to data in your ERPNext account, please share the relevant screenshots, so that we can support you better.

In my test account, Salary Slip was created earlier, but received error message for the Employees for which Default Salary Structure was not set. After setting default Salary Structure for those Employees, Process Payroll should work fine for them as well.

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Thanks…rohit and umair … When checked the Salary Slip Based on Timesheet it worked fine because one of salary structure (overtime) was depends on timesheet.
thanks again