Problem importing "Supplier" when language is simplified Chinese (zh)

Whenever importing an Excel table in the Chinese system receiving the error “local variable ‘doctype’ referenced before assignment”

  • downloaded the template in right system language, added just mandatory fields -> receiving error
  • when switching to English, downloading template, same mandatory field, same data -> succesfull import
  • both in v10 and development branch of v11

I have the feeling there’s a problem caused by the default Simplified Chinese template since it’s working well in English system. Any suggestions how to fix or debug this problem further?

this is a bug, the pull request just submitted

also you can try the below workaround
1.after change the user language, then log off the system
2. in the backend, clear the cache by sudo bench clear-cache, restart the server again
3. logon the system try upload again!

if still failed, please kindly change the downloaded template(Chinese Version) from 文档类型: back to Doctype:
and try again!

anyway, if the above pull request accepted and merged, hopefully it can work without above workaround needed!

the pull request already merged, may I know whether your reported issue resolved?