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Print Error on ERPNEXT


Hi- getting this error on the printer when we print , wondering if any of you have seen this or if this is a driver related issue


Check with other printers, If it works fine then find a suitable driver for the printer.
Also, check language settings in both printer and software.


@Healtherp your issue is about that your printer only support ESC/POS commands, so you cannot print one PDF of HTML from ERPNext in an ESC/POS printer


Is there a fix, hack or suggestion. Alot if the printers in market are of the same variety…


@Healtherp I have solved this with Print Node Integration for Frappe Framework


Check for updated Driver. Try to print for somewhere else like notepad etc.
We had same Printer. It used to print fine.
We are currently using Epson Tm-T20 and it works fine and it also have exact same command Protocol: ESC/POS