Precalculated inclusive of tax not working in v12.16.2

Hello Guys,

Is there anyone can figure-out what needs to be done, Im trying to set the Sales Invoice Vat Inclusive but is not working.

ErpNext version 12.16.2
I already check this option but is not working in my end as per post solution, also Customize Form and select Sales Invoice Item Net Amount remove its print hide.
and already customize print and add Tax and Charges but the value is same 0 is not calculated.

But can you confirm which print format you are using.

is there any option that need to set to show inclusive Vat, I dont know if this is a bug, any can replicate to your v12.16.2


Hello @james2020,

I initially had the same challenge. All I did was to set the Sales Taxes and Charges Template as default.

And boom it works.

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