POS serialized item

hi everyone im very confuse about how the POS works with serialized item it will prompt a message on the picture below. can anyone teach me how to fix this? or should i use the sales invoice instead??

what you did to get this message?

i did not change anything… i just open the pos and give a permission to a certain user that it.

I meant whats the action did you do to get message like click product or something like that ,
and the second thing are you use offline mode in settings

yes that exactly what i did… i just click the product then the message prompt popped up… and im not using offline mode POS . its the online mode that im using . im just starting my study about the POS on erpnext …i hope you will help me to understand more about it… thank you.

Looks like the pos doesnt keep serialized item numbers in Offline Pos. Batch number items works fine and it should work the exact same way for serialized item.

I will test it again and check.

Yes Serialized item cannot be sold through Offline Pos.

Kindly find the error below for serialized item.

But same concept works fine for Batch number item. Pic Below.

One Issue is that even when I click close the batch selection pop-up, item is added to the invoice. Instead it should be removed from the invoice.

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That’s right, thank you