POs Profile cannot be saved

When i create a new POS Profile,the series field doesnt show any value other than [Select]

Now,i save the Pos profile but the page freezes.

On reload of the page ,the Series field shows the options and POS Profile get saved .

Is this a bug ?

Possibly. Have you checked your browser console to see if any error is thrown?

Actually,i could not replicate that every time

I have the same issue. @Savad_Ibrahim - were you able to solve it?

I found this to make it work…
If there are 2 or more companies setup:

  1. If you’re using POS mode online, leave blank “Default Company” in Global Defaults in Setup module.
  2. If you’re using POS offline, “Default Company” in Global Defaults must match with “Company” in Point-of-Sale Profile

Yes… it’s a bug.