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POS in Food Industry

Hello Team,

I am using ERPNEXT for Healthcare Company and i am using the POS module in cafeteria where i have more than 100 items, since people come in bulk during the lunch dinner time, i wanted to check how faster can the selection of items is done, i use chrome and while selecting different items there is a fraction of 1 or 2 seconds and thus makes it delays the process where customers do not like to wait. Is there any setup for windows based which can make it easier.

ALso if Barcode can help us, but i am not sure how does that well do u need to scan barcode and Press ok for each item or u scan the all items barcode and den select the mode of payment.

Please help me on this.

I’m interested in implementing Erpnext in healthcare sector, but i think that the system is missing many things and needs more work and development, How easy was the integration for you ? and did you do some major customization to adapt it ?


Hi everyone.
Also interested in healthcare ERPNext adoption details.
Would be appreciated for details.