[POS Error] Company None not found

We’re getting this error on POS. Anyone else facing this ?

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@fkardame we had the same error. We ended up downloading the json form the console and ended up deleting them.

Any trace of the error ?

This is become regular now,
@woakes070048 have you ticked any of these settings?

This is what we have for settings

Thanks For replying. So you also use Barcode to Fetch UOM ?
Like you assign UOM in Barcode table right?

Form what we could tell the person had more than one POS voucher opened. Or thats what we though. We have it for a few items. They are slowly implementing them

ok Thanks for sharing. We will look into this.

Can you check if this error comes only when you create a new customer from POS view with address and contact

Found the Bug it is in the offline POS create new customer with Address fields.
Will push PR once we find a solution.

Facing same issue. Company none not found and offline invoices are not getting synced.

Do not add address when you make New Customer from POS. We will make a PR in Core soon to fix this.

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@fkardame completely unrelated to this issue but where can I find this settings page? I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Searched through github as well… or is this a custom app? Thanks.

Yes this is a costum app.
What exactly are you looking for?

Barcode to Fetch UOM. Any chance you could share how you managed to achieve this?

Thanks @fkardame

We already have this in our custom App.

just need to add the UOM in Barcode row inside Item table

would you be able to share a link to your custom app? Thank you.

Would you like to contribute to it ?
Here is our work.

Definitely, was thinking of actually putting it in core. I think its very useful and many can benefit from it. Actually I am trying to see if I can get it to all documents not just POS. Let me spend some time to study it. Will keep you posted.

Thanks heaps @fkardame.

Currently we have it working for POS and Sales Invoice only. Also We have restricted the list of UOM in most of the form to only show those from the Item Master.

Sure Let me know if there is anything you need from my side.

Awesome, I definitely can build on that. Will definitely let you know if I get it working in core.