POS Duplicated sales invoice under the same offline pos name

@Bassam_Mamdouh may I ask what kind of changes you added to the POS?

Hi @rohit_w

I have sadly encountered this same issue myself yesterday.

Offline POS printed some receipts but the Invoices were never synced on the Server side hence not seen at all which is clearly a bug.

The initial set up was version 9.x.x but this happened after I upgraded to latest version 10.x.x

Any ideas on what the issue could be?


Any error in the error log related to POS?

i already fixed the problem of duplicated, missed invoices and the performance of the system in v7 but i do not know how to help you with my code. provide me a channel that i can send my fixes to you so the people who still working with v7 can use it

Hi @Bassam_Mamdouh,

Please share this code regardless of version difference (I am using latest v10) I just want to to check if I have similar challenge in the code.


Sorry, I did not manage to check on this at the time.

However, I noticed I still had the browser setting Never remember history in Firefox when I changed it to Always remember history the POS terminal did not loose any Sales made (even if cached locally for a while which was not the case before) for 2 days or so but since the Print dialog issue reported here POS Duplicate (Triplicate) Print Dialog was still persistent customer asked that we switch back to Online POS which was possible after hotfix become available on Pay button issue POS Pay Button Not Working!.

Please consider adding some notes in the POS Settings page as is the case for some Reports describing briefly any assumptions or expected settings browser side if this is the reason.

Many thanks as always.


Same issue I reported here:

We however use Chrome. Any similar browser setting which may be causing this?

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Hi @wale,

Just search for cache and check the settings in browser options


Trust you are doing very well…I seem to be encountering this issue on duplicate sales invoice currently on my site. this just an screenshot out of many occurrence. Will appreciate your swift support on this

And this transaction carries same Posting time

which version ?

Is on V10. 1.52

i still working to fix it but we noticed that this duplicates only appears at rush hours

@Bassam_Mamdouh it happens to you too?

What are your conditions of operations?

Do you have multiple PoS users at the same time?

Hello @rohit_w @Bassam_Mamdouh

We have resolved the issue of duplicated items by making offline pos name unique…but we still get .missing PoS invoices at least 1 out of every 100 invoices issues per day.

What possible solution can we adopt. ? We print out the pos invoices and when compared with ERPNext sales invoices is when we see the missing ERPNext invoices.

This is critical

yes the dublicates has no solution but making the pos name unique, but for the missing invoices we solved it by adjusting some functions in the pos files but to be honest we made that change in v10 and tested and confirmed that there is no missing invoices but we still did not applied that edit to v11.

Hi @Bassam_Mamdouh thanks for the update.

What functions did you adjust in pos files ? If you tell me I can have my guys do same for v11

Thanks for the response


Knock knock


Would really love an insight into what you tweaked towards eliminating the missing invoices issue.

It’s a big headache for me at the moment

we are reviewing the latest version of pos nowadays , and will post a pull request for fixing the issue in the main repository until then will share the current solution with you later when i’m by my laptop.

I’m very sorry for the late response

Thank you

Much appreciated