Point of Sales Invoice- Outstanding amount is the tax amount

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When I create a POS invoice , I notice that there is always an outstanding amount equivalent to the tax portion. Is this by design? This cannot be correct as the full amount is settled when transaction occurs during POS transaction.

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@Eli I suffer from exactly the same issue but haven’t had time to fully investigate the cause of it yet.
As a temporary fix try this:
When you put a POS sale through put a zero in the “Discount Amount” field on the POS page. The sale should go through perfectly.
If I leave the discount amount feild empty the POS sale comes up as overdue for the amount of sales tax. Below is my Tax Template. All my other sales/tax settings are pretty basic so are probably not the cause of this issue. It may be as simple as a chart of accounts setting. Any help would be great. Thanks.


Thanks very very much for the tip. Tried it and it works!

Could not replicate the issue in my test account. Can you try to replicate it in demo.erpnext.com?


I have created a POS invoice with # SINV-00259 in the demo.erpnext.com company.

You will see that the invoice has an outstanding amount equivalent to the tax amount.

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