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Plotly Dash integration for Frappe and ERPNext


I’ve created Plotly Dash integration apps for Frappe and ERPNext.

I’ve been using ERPNext for almost 2 years now, it’s a great ERP apps though it’s lack of dashboard feature.

Plotly Dash is a great dashboard tools which allow programmer to easily create interactive dashboard but it lack of general web feature such as authentication or user-permission.

Integrating Frappe web framework with Plotly Dash is result in great ERP app with powerful dashboard tools.


Pros and Cons


  • Plotly Dash comes with a big Graphing Library
  • Plotly Dash is a really great dashboard tools
  • You can manipulate data using python then using that data in dashboard
  • It work well with multi tenant setup


  • There are no web UI to create dashboard, dashboard need to written in python


Any feedback or suggestions are welcome. :smile:

I’ve also created Metabase integration for Frappe and ERPNext.
Metabase is easy to use and easy to setup dashboard tools which comes with web-ui which make it easy create dashboard.


Whoa! And YES! Yes and yes! Thank you :smile:

Best of luck! Make sure you get enough sleep though :slight_smile:

is it possible for version-11 ?

Great work @pipech !!!


It should work with version 11.

Any idea why I get Page Not found error? I followed all the steps (I think). The provided dashboard (Testing 1 and Testing 2) also are not found


Can you access dashboard page by going to http://localhost:8000/dash/dashboard?dash=Testing%201 ?