Permission needed to create new issue as customer


I would like to create a new issue as customer but after I submitted the issue in “/issues?new=1”, the customer field is not filled and I cannot find the issue created by myself.

I have the following setting in my environment.

  1. Create a new Customer called “Customer A”

  2. Assign a new Contact to “Customer A” called “Contact A”

  3. Assign the user id “User A” in “Contact A”

  4. Set “Contact A” as primary contact person of “Customer A”

  5. Add the following permission in role “Customer”

  6. Customer is empty when creating a new issue.

  7. After submit the issue, I cannot find the issue in the list view.

  8. But as admin user, I can find the newly created issue.

What permissions and roles I need to apply to the customer user if I need this function?