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Permission for Financial Statements


I have recently noticed that the financial reports have been mainly based on the GL Entry in Accounts now this has created an issue with the permissions. The problem is that all the users who have access to the General Ledger report are able to see the following reports:

  1. Balance Sheet
  2. Cash Flow
  3. General Ledger (already have access)
  4. Profit and Loss Statement
  5. Profitability Analysis
  6. Trial Balance
  7. Trial Balance for Party

Now since all the above reports are based on the GL Entry anyone who has a right to view report on GL entry would automatically get access to all the other reports.

In case of General Ledger we have actually restricted some limited users by the accounts for which they are permitted to view the GL Entry and this works fine for General Ledger but all the other 6 reports which are actually based on GL entry are not limited by the permission manager.

This seems more like a problem to me and I would request a change in the Permission base Ref doctype for the other 6 reports since these reports needs to be restricted to only a few in an organisation and not all.

As a stop gap arrangement I have changed the 6 reports to be based on a custom doctype in my account so that not all users can view these reports but I would strongly suggest for change of these reports’ reference doctype for permissions


I thought the profit and loss statement access was based on the role for it. Might be wrong though. What doctype did you create to setup the access for your use case? Mind sharing what you did here?

He most likely did the following

  1. Create a “Financial Reports” Doctype (or whatever name)
  2. Create a New Role and give it “Report” permissions on the “Financial Reports” Doctype
  3. Go into ERPNext Reports List and change the “ref doctype” of the mentioned 6 reports to “Financial Reports”
  4. Assign the new role to his account

Thank @felix, that makes sense. I am wondering if this is something that the core product should have in it. Gotta have solid security to be a competitive solution. Maybe a github should be raised? Just not sure if this is base frappe or should be in erpnext.

Great and easy solution.
Do you have an idea if this Doctype (if custom is checked while creating it) and the modifications made in the relevant documents will be kept while updating ERPNext?