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Perm level for field and workflow issue



Hello Community,
I have an issue with permission level in a doctype
the situation appears when I assign a section level as 1, the section with level 1 is hidden for the user who is not having current action in the workflow.

For example, when a user with role project coordinator approves a document and his authority over the document ends since the current workflow state does not allow him to edit the document he still cannot view the fields which have a permission level like 1 which he was able to view and edit before in his workflow step.

As you see, the problem is that I cannot view the level 1 fields even as read only when the document is out of my workflow stage!

Any Help!


You’ve give permission to the role with permission level 1, then with that role users can view or edit the per level 1 fields or sections.
Once you give the permissions, then workflow will handle the things by itself.


i faced similar issue…perm level 1 for some fields and i gave role permission 1 for coordinator but if i login through coordinator perm fields are not displayed …
thanks for advance


Share screenshots please.


Ok right, but in my situation, if I already in my workflow step then I can see the section with level 1
After I make my action and it goes to the second step of workflow the section with level 1 is disappeared for the same user!
I should see the section of level 1 if I have the workflow action or not but in my situation I cant!


Try to give level 1 permissions to All.


permission level 1 is already assigned to all except one role that I don’t want him to see the target section!
you can try this scenario and reply if this makes sense!