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PDF Attachment in FrappeClient (Python API)



I am using frappeclient in python script for sending and email (with attachment).
This is what I’m using:

frappeObj = FrappeClient('https://my_website,'administrator','password');
att="<html><head></head><body><h1>Attachment In Process</h1></body></html>";
response =frappeObj.get_api('',args);

I actually want to send directly my pdf in attachment but on passing it to print_html it is passing it as NULL . But on passing an html, it is converting it to pdf and sending. That is what I want to override. If not using that parameter (print_html) results into error.
Already tried attaching pdf directly but it is not getting attached .
Any help/suggestions will be deeply appreciated.

Thank You

Convert Email Body into Attached PDF

Any suggestions will be hugely appreciable. I seriously need help in this

Thank You