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Paystack payment integration for Frappe and ERPNext

Finally Paystack payment integration for erpnext frappe

Working perfectly in shopping cart

See the demonstration clip below

Please tell me what you think. Thank you.


Thank you for this.

Link below to the ERPNExt Paystack Integration and installation instructions

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Nice! If it’s active and maintained, we would love to have it publish it on Frappe Marketplace @Huawei_Hackace

It is active and currently maintained.

Installed the app, installed successfully , however I cannot see the app in ERPNext or search for it, any ideas why I cannot see the app?

ERPNext - V13.10.2

It’s not yet merged in ERPNext core. It’s ideal as a separate app. @Huawei_Hackace if interested, can publish on our marketplace.

This app, I believe is already open source? If you have FC site, you should be able to install this app on FC site. Here is the help already.

Thanks Umair , yes the app is open source, praying it stays that way :wink:
Installed it on a Self-Hosted Test Site, couldn’t see the app in ERPNext after the install.
Could be the command I used to install the app to my site, will revisit this later today.

Would be good to push it into core … but as a separate app should be good as well.

Will publish it @umair

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Before to migrate, search for paystack

Just a quick update, can see the app now in my instance.
Will continue testing, thanks

I meant after install run migration. You can search for paystack using awesome bar

@umair @msalim79 @tobsowo
The paystack integration has been updated.
Currently has feature to whitelist payment payload ip address to check if data is counterfeit.


Thanks Buddy :pray:

Thank you.


45 bench get-app --branch=master
46 ls sites/
47 cat sites/currentsite.txt
48 bench --site site1.local install-app frappe_paystack
49 bench build --app frappe_paystack
50 bench migrate
51 bench restart