Payroll issue with erpnext version 13

Hello guys,
Recently I upgraded to erpnext V13. However, it seems payroll configuration have changed. I have set up salary components both earnings and deductions but I am getting wrong net pay on the salary slip. I noticed the following issues:

  1. Salary component of earning type with “do not include in total” option checked, the system still include components’ amount in total!!!

  2. Salary components of deduction type, the system only shows one component on pay slip with the wrong amount based on formula I set in calculation. And the rest of deduction components do not appear on salary slip.

The following are the screenshots of Salary structure and respective Salary slip

Salary structure set

Salary slip generate

Let me know there is anyone there experiencing the same issue with version 13?

If in a position to update your end manually, fixes here:

Hope it’s part of a release soon.