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Payroll - Deduction Salary Components Formula is not working if it include another salary component abbr

Hello everyone ,
I want to raise an issue which discussed before without a solution.
The below formula is not working with me for Salary Deduction component :
(Basic + FirstAllow ) * .5 .
When I calculate the salary , it doesn’t calculate the deduction amount, while both of the Basic and FirstAllow components are calculated successfully .

Appreciate your quick feedback since it is urgent and all my customers are facing it .
Thank you in advance .

check you’re applying correct abbr of the fields.
for example for Basic Salary it is BS not basic. The formula works with abbreviations and not the full name.

Dear usmanalikhan ,
Thank you for your reply , my abbrv is right it is BS , my example is not accurate.
BS is calculating correctly, but when I use the BS Abbrv in a deduction component formula or any of the other components it doesn’t work .