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Payroll: Accrued Benefits

I’m trying to figure out if I can accomplish this in ERPNext without doing any customizations.

In Canada employer is required to keep 4% of every employees gross pay off to the side. This 4% is accumulated every pay period throughout the year. The employee can request the balance whenever they want if it is for time off or they just want it paid to them. Ether way at the end of the year this balance must be paid to the employee.

I was thinking to use Employee Benefit Application and a Flexible benefit component but this requires a MAX benefit amount. In my case there can be no MAX it must be accumulated every pay period.

Any thoughts?

If your employees are ok with it, you could add the 4% inside each pay. But I have the same question and I still don’t have any solution apart from including it in the pay. If you find anything don’t hesitate to tell me!

Here is my current Salary structure :

SL = Salary
BO = Bonus

I found a sotution! If you are interested we could do a Video Conference and I could show you. You can MP me if you are interested

I think it can be done using Gratuity in V13 . I’m still looking into it. If I can remove the validation that requires the employee to be retired it should work for my case.

Frederic, what came of this, did you find a solution to Vacation Accruals?
We are just getting started with ERPNext, and setting up Payroll is a top priority, we want to make sure it can work with Canadian Payroll logic.
Any help on this vacation accruals would be appreciated.


Here is my setup :

Hope it is clear, if you have any question don’t hesitate.

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