Payment button not showing

Payment button in the portal is not showing. For some reason it it text-muted. How do I display it on the portal? I am using ERPNext:v12.7.1 (version-12), Frappe Framework: v12.5.1 (version-12)


Which form or page are you accessing. Can you share a screenshot?

Thanks @scmmishra for a quick reply.

In the cart or orders page, the payment button is not visible as can be seen from the image below.

I looked at the issue, and it seemed that the display has been set to none as can be seen from image below.

Changing the display to block does display the button. However I don’t want to do it as I don’t know where and all class “text-muted” has been used.

Kindly guide me how I can resolve the issue.


Have you enabled payment gateway related settings on Shopping Cart Settings doctype?

I believe you are talking about the Checkout Settings in the Shopping cart Settings. If yes, then yes Enable Checkout is checked, payment gateway is set.

Any solution? am using v12.9.2 , add to cart button not showing.