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PAYE Payroll Calculation for Nigeria using Formula


Has anyone in here been able to successfully implement PAYE payroll calculation for Nigeria using conditions and formula?

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I have been able to achieve this successfully! thanks to @deatram for helping with the framework and @Fred1 for helping me decipher the missing piece in the puzzle. Indeed it wasn’t easy but it was worth it.:clap::clap:

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That’s good news

Would you mind sharing what approach you took ?


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There are two approaches actually… one which is a bit confusing (my first attempt) and one which @Fred1 used which is simplified. But the key is using condition field to satisfy the “IF” in the calculation and formula to calculate the tax payable for every tax step. I can’t really break it down in here as it is a bit long but i’m trying to implement it on my live server now and once i’m done i will post a screenshot.

@olamide_shodunke here you go:

In the tax payable as well as the consolidated relief, you will have to enter the “IF” condition. example:

There’s another way to enter the PAYE calculator:

But this seems a bit more complex to achieve monthly calculations. But it formed the basis for devising the simpler method shown in the above screenshots.

Let me know if you face any challenge.

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Really Cool


Aren’t you using Payroll Period for this? What issues have you faced? I am trying Payroll Period and gives tax calculations that I don’t understand. e.g.
base = 500,000
Allowances = 150,000
Taxable salary = 190,161.42

Tax slabs defined as:


Can someone help me set PAYE for nigeria completely?

I found a way to set it up. Was hard but achieved.

It’s doable, Break down the steps from excel into simple statistical components and you will get a valid figure.

I saw all the attachments you provided previously. But I need the formulas for each component. Can you help?

I tried to break it down, I was successful in listing down the components but there is some problem with formulas for components and the structure.

I get the first statistical component by assigning this to a statistical component lets call it ‘CRA’,

gross_pay * 0.21 if gross_pay>20000000.0/12.0 else gross_pay*0.2+200000.0/12.0

Then I get the taxable income (‘TXA’) by evaluating

gross_pay-CRA-Employee pension-3200000.0/12.0

the Tax PAYE amount for that transaction can then be gotten as


Note: some figures like Employee pension have to be fetched before taxes can be generated.