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PAYE deduction formula


Hi there,

I am based in South Africa implementing ERPnext. I have a slight problem with implementing the deductions formula. I the government has supplied us with a tax table in following format

How would i go about implementing in the right format, considering the variables for age also in the formula because the ages comes in ranges.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Can anyone assist on this. I need help on this one


Hello and welcome to ERPNext!

Here’s a thread that may help you How to Map Requirement in Formula in Salary Structure


@ Lukerosa did you progress in this i too need some help


Hi Lukerosa, did you get the Tax RSA Tax issue right? I’m struggling with same. Syntax errors all the way



Currently in ERPNext, it only takes percentage and not amount in the tax slabs i.e. the payroll period. This is a feature development itself.



@Lukerosa and @senoamadi

You can try achieve this by defining the formulas in the salary components.

I will share links for NHIF, NSSF and PAYE, NHIF rates are close to the PAYE table you’ve given above.
Then I will share a list of salary components, and how we achieved for each case.

You can even import the salary components into a test environment and review the formulas, remember to include conditions for age in your case.

Links, they give tables of each (PAYE, NHIF and NSSF)

Link to sample salary components file.


Thanks @Lukerosa! I’ll check it out. Heck this thing can be very complicated.