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Patient Appointment form doesn't fetch Practitioner data



Hello ERPNext Community,

I found a issue when creating a new Patient Appointment, in Healthcare module. Concretely, when I click the “Check Availability” button, a new dialog window opens. In this, I should select the “Medical Department”, “Healthcare Practitioner” and the “Date” of the appointment. Both “Medical Department” and “Healthcare Practitioner” are link fields. I have no problem with “Medical Department” and “Date”. However, when I what to select the Practitioner, the field doesn’t fetch the list of available Practitioners:

It should fetch the active Practitioners I’ve created:

I thought it could be because it seems to filter Practitioners based on Department. However, I removed the following piece of code (it appears two times) and nothing happened:

frm.set_query("practitioner", function() {
	return {
		filters: {
			'department': frm.doc.department

No errors in console (JS nor Python).

Testing Scenario:

  • ERPNext v11.1.4
  • Frappe v11.1.3

I only experience this issue in v11; also tried with v10 and works well.

What do you think could be the cause of this problem?



Did you set practitioner schedules?


Hello @Savad_Ibrahim, thanks for your answer.

Yes I did:

This schedule is Enabled and has valid time slots (monday to friday, from 8am to 8pm, 15min each). Looks like:

I didn’t have a “Service Unit” though, but I just created two and assigned to each Practitioner. But still the same result: nothing is fetched in Partitioner field. I tried with both root and child Service units.

Any clues?


Copying @akurungadam as he may be able to assist here.


Practitioner link fields are filtered out based on the Medical Department. Please check if the there are any practitioners for the Department?


Hello @akurungadam,

Yes, I double-checked that. All Practitioner have a Medical Department assigned. Furthermore, i just created a new Department and assigned to one Practitioner: nothing changes.

As I mentioned, there are two sections in the client code (erpnext/healthcare/doctype/patient_appointment/patient_appointment.js) which apply a filter over Practitioner by Department:

frm.set_query("practitioner", function() {
	return {
		filters: {
			'department': frm.doc.department


d.fields_dict["department"].df.onchange = () => {
		'practitioner': ''
	var department = d.get_value('department');
		d.fields_dict.practitioner.get_query = function() {
			return {
				filters: {
					"department": department

These seem to be fine. Nonetheless, I also tried to remove these pieces of code.

What else can I try? Maybe rewriting the fetch function? :thinking:



I’m not quite sure, the two things I know of are the Department filters and the Active flag. It’s best you create an issue on GitHub with relevant details to reproduce this.



Thanks @akurungadam,

I’ll raise an issue with details.

Kind regards


I finally solve the issue.

Long story short, the query in get_practitioner_list (erpnext/healthcare/doctype/healthcare_practitioner/ should be:

query = \
	"""select %s from `tabHealthcare Practitioner` where docstatus < 2 
	and (%s like %s or first_name like %s) and active = 1 
	order by case when name like %s then 0 else 1 end, 
	case when first_name like %s then 0 else 1 end, 
	name, first_name limit %s, %s""" \
	% (
	', '.join(fields),
	"\'%%%s%%\'" % txt,
	"\'%%%s%%\'" % txt,
	"\'%%%s%%\'" % txt,
	"\'%%%s%%\'" % txt,
result = frappe.db.sql(query)
return result

Explanation: the problem is with "%%%s%%" % frappe.db.escape(txt) which when the formatting is applied results in %'txt'% (where txt is the actual text in the input field) but it should be '%txt%' (that is the ' symbol enclosing the % pair, not the other way around).

Github issue:


Hi, I think you should make a PR so the fix gets merged. Thank you for the explanation. Would help others fix it manually till its fixed on Git.


Hi @Muzzy,

Yes, I was thinking the same thing. I’ll do it as soon as I can.