Own Testing Environment

Hi All,

I am new to ERPNext.
Understand, the ERPNext provided 14 days trial period but it is still consider short period if we would like to do the full testing on the feature.

Is there any suggestion we could host on free cloud hosting for ERPNext?
I just need 2 users for testing only.


Are you aware you can install your own copy on your own system?

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your reply.
I am aware that it could install in local system but preferable install it on cloud.

If we install on locally, do we have access via Mobile app?

Sorry, i am not technical guy.
Thanks for advices

You can install on a rented VPS (virtual private server) such as Prometeus

You can also use NGrok to easily expose your local server to the Internet.

Hi Martin,

Thanks a lot, appreciated

I should add:

Self-managing ERPNext can be difficult, time consuming and expensive for non-technical people, especially if you expect to import legacy data from other sources.

2 users for 2 months on ERPNext Cloud Platform will cost you only $200. It’s a tiny amount compared to the time you will spend trying to set up on your own.

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