Override ERPNext scheduler events

I would like to prevent the hourly execution of erpnext.hr.doctype.shift_type.shift_type.process_auto_attendance_for_all_shifts located in scheduler_events of ERPNext hooks.py.

My objective is to prevent the auto marking of attendance hourly yet allow the User to trigger the auto_attendance whenever he wants using the Mark Auto Attendance button so setting enable_auto_attendance to false is not an option. How can I do this through custom app?
I tried monkey patching that function in hooks.py as suggested in Override Function Triggered by Scheduler Event without modifying core files but no success.

@manasan, did you resolve this? I have same problem.

you can override this function because of it’s a whitelist function

	def process_auto_attendance(self):
		if not cint(self.enable_auto_attendance) or not self.process_attendance_after or not self.last_sync_of_checkin:

How to override whitelist function


override_whitelisted_methods = {

@manasan & @cristianabarcazeb You got any solution for this??

check my above post that’s the solution