Override DocType JSON with Custom App

Our business logic requires us to reposition a lot of fields in the default DocTypes, so the user is presented with the most valuable input/data at the top of the form. Unfortunately ERPNext restricts rearranging standart fields (source), which we are currently working around using JS scripts.

Since we are now implementing our first Custom App, the question arises if overriding the DocType JSON is possible. So far it seems like this may be possible either with hooks or a regional folder? Any input is much appreciated.


For the Apps you create yourself, you can do whatever you like with repositioning.

For standard Apps, this is a great question, and one I’ve struggled with also.

My solution has been forking. I know this is an unpopular approach here on the forums. But it works for me, and I haven’t found a better method yet. :man_shrugging:

@philippm For a while, there was a new concept called “DocType Layouts” that were supposed to help this problem. A way of creating a new UI for an existing DocType. I don’t know what happened with those. They were buggy when v13 released, and didn’t support things like Child DocTypes, adding new Sections/Column breaks, and others.

Maybe someone who knows about v14 Beta can reply, and mention the latest situation.