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OVA copy of ERPNext V.13

Hello Friends,
there are so many topics about errors while upgrading to V13.
here is an OVA copy ready to use :smiley:

Download Link:


already installed it and I have ((( zero experience )))
for anyone
Search in the forum , try again and again
just try to figure out the problem by yourself
It takes some time but it is better for you and for the developers and for the whole community!
Mostly ,there is no problem, you might have lost something, try again!

I learned how frappe + ERPNext works >> doctype, forms, script, permissions, accounting, stock, API REST!! In a short time and I do not have experience at all

Believe me lots of information on the forum and ( GOOGLE ) , just use the search box

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Dear Tawfiq
Thanks for the link
booted without any errors
Thanks again

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Thank you.

Please indicate operating system.

Is it Ubuntu, centos?
Which version of operating system?
18.04 or 20.04 ect.

May it help to others.


Thank you @Tawfiq_Murtaja! Though I really wonder why there is no official .ova download so far.

Edit: Oof. I downloaded it and it shows V.12 - no V.13 inside here.