Outgoing Email 'Not Sent'

@airzoink could be. This is difficult to debug without direct access.

Is it ok if i give you access to my server?

Hi @airzoink, do you get solution for this.

@Sumit_Arora and others

I faced the same issue after migrating my local virtual machine to a remote server. The setup that i was using worked fine for the VM on my local machine, but did not work for the remote server.

I fixed this by setting the host_name Property in banch/sites/[erpnextfolder]/site_config.json to the appropriate value, since I changed this value to make the PDF generation work for outgoing mails (see PDF Email Problems Thread) on my VM.

 "host_name": "[http(s)://your.host.name or http(s)://your.host.ip.address]",

This certainly worked in my case.

Hope this helps.


:+1: worked for me.