Order management

I have a scenario regarding order management, would like to know whether it is possible or not. Scenario:- For an order customer has to pay some money in advance(ex:-10%), once order is dispatched he/she has to pay some amount (ex:-30%). Once shipment is ready for delivery customer has to pay money(ex:- 30% / remaining amount), then after/before delivery remaining amount paid/to be paid.

Create a Sales Order. Then create a payment terms as you’ve stated.

Once the order has been submitted, you can start creating invoices as advance and stages kick in.


  1. Sales Order

  2. Payment Terms

  3. Sales Invoice

Hi @kennethsequeira,

Thank you for your reply.

In payment terms I am getting 3rd row possibly a duplicate. I think we can add only 2 rows, is there any possibility to customize this one.

Make sure that the no. of days or other parameters are kept unique.