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One Operation two different Products

I have a plastic injection company and I am having a little difficulty setting up my operations and their cost.

I have a machine with a mold that produces two types of products, some of my molds produce even more. When setting up my operations the cost, in this case for the use of the machine, is automatically calculated based on the rate of the machine per hour and the time of the operation. However since I have multiple products being produced the cost should actually be less than that. Is there a way to structure my system to account for this?

Also in thinking about production planning and capacity I believe I will run in to a problem if I want to set up a work order for both products. I think the work around it to set the number of jobs per workstation as 4. But I am not there yet.

Any suggestions.

Have you try with single product first? Because my friend ask me to implement on their company ( Plastic Injection too ). But not meet their requirement because plastic injection always change manufactured qty finish product. SO example they get order for 3000 bottle, Lets say they setup mold for plastic bottle and create BOM 100kg plastic for 1000pcs bottle.

First shift run and complete work order as BOM said 100kg = 1000 bottle.

And second shift start with re setting mold for better production ( Minimal defect product ), and after running prosses on second shift they finish 100kg plastic = 1010 bottle

And Third shift start and re setting mold and finish work 100kg = 980 bottle

This scenario cant implement on erpnext after i try, but i do not know if you can solve this.

My suggestion, better you try all their basic scenario before start any further. because i lost my time 10days for trial and error :smiley: