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Offline mode for ERPNext system


Hello there.
I was looking for possibility of using the system in-offline mode when there is no internet connection and sync whenever the connection is back. Can this be configured in erpnext?


The POS has this feature. For now, its too much work to do it with the whole system. The core team is making a great work with new features.


Please check out this link. Please let us know if you are interested in collaborating and supporting the development of this feature.





Just wondering how this is being done. My first thought was why not use database mirroring feature. Assuming MariaDB mirroring handles the connection issues, wouldn’t it work for offline-mode as well as disaster recovery usecases?


Yeah, in a DR mode you will only have one live system that gets mirrored to another DR system. Here the complexity is that both systems are live and need to exchange data.




Thanks. I think I understand the problem now. MariaDB does support active-active live mirroring, allowing both systems to be online at the same time. However that needs both systems to be active at the same time, so won’t work for the offline usecase. Federated warehouse is certainly an interesting and complicated problem!


Maybe you should take a shot at it and let me know how many hours you will take to get that done and what support you need from the community.




I don’t think this is the way to go. It would be nicer to have an in-browser replication and sync engine, like PouchDB.


Any updates on this? We are willing to sponsor for the feature. Email if interested