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Offline First Open Source POS for ERPNext


Just saw TailOrder today in Playstore. No announcements ?

Will it work along with TailPOS/ERPNext ?


Hello @Savad_Ibrahim
We are currently working on TailOrder, especially on implementation side.
Yes, it should work along with TailPOS/ERPNext. The implementation setup requires Raspberry Pi for the queueing system. This is to enable multiple order takers.




That would be awesome. Is there some doc on what should we do on RPi?


Hello @Savad_Ibrahim,
I am currently working on the documentation for the Raspberry Pi.


Hey @ccfiel,

Awesome contribution to the community, I tried to connect to my local instance and giving the ip and port for syncing but it is giving error i.e.

Looking forward for your help.



Hello @shelteradmin
Could you provide any traceback about the error found in your terminal?




Hello @iRaySpace,

The error is in the android app.



Hello, I believe you can check the Error Log in your local instance.



The error is attached, it doesn’t connect to the erp instance as all, so there is no error log from the erp instance.


space after 192. ?


Thanks @auliabismar, I removed the space. Same issue.


Copy and paste it to browser, make sure it’s the same text from your POS, and change automatically by your browser. If the URL is valid and exactly the same and it’s working, then the error must be from the POS.


Can you post your issue in github Thanks


I have downloaded and trying but after adding site, username and password saved… When I click Sync or force I see not message or nothing saying if is doing…
At the End I have no data.
Aslo how does it sync if site is multicompany?


Hello Helio, if you want to sync for the items. Tick “In TailPOS” in the item you want to sync.


Hello. Please rewrite your URL again. Can you post any video so we can check it.


How can I do so if the list did not show!
Reason why saying that Sync or force Sync should have a message saying DONE… Or Error…

Right now don’t know if I connected to my site or if there is an error.


Hello. The sync will say it is done when it synced successfully. You can check Error Log on your instance, which is on the top right.


Multi-company setup is experimental yet but we are working on making a clear vision about it. You can try to have multiple company by using different POS Profile for each devices.


I could not find this on my phone…