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Offline First Open Source POS for ERPNext


We have open source TailPOS an Offline First POS for ERPNext. Hope this can help the community!

Using React Native so that it can be run in Android and IOS

ERPNext App


Using Front Camera for Barcode Reading

Using Bluetooth Barcode Reader

Using Icon for Selecting Item

This is some of the feature of the pos


o Two Way Sync to ERPNext
Two way syncing to an ERPNext instance for a full suite of back-office functionalities.

o Offline-first Approach
Continue to make sales and keep running the business even no internet or unstable.

o Mobile POS
Uses the tablet for a lightweight setup. Built-in rear camera of the tablet can be used as a barcode scanner. Any bluetooth barcode scanner is compatible with TailPOS app as well.

o Print receipts
Print sales receipts for customers using any ESC/P receipt printer.

o Multiple payment modes
Can process credit card,mobile payments and cash.

o Discounts Program
Can apply discount to an invoice or on specific items.

o Inventory Management
Keep track of stock levels easily. Easy-to-use menu for item maintenance such as creating and updating item information.

o Sales Reports
Can generate X and Z readings and attendant shift sales totals.

Bai Web and Mobile Lab

Mobile Offline First POS - Point of Sale for ERPNext
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POS X and Z report - how to find on v10?
POS printing from mobile

Now you are living. Willing to contribute to the community. We appreciate your sacrifice. Kudos


Great piece of work Chris @ccfiel ! I’m sure if will attract a lot of interest


And more power to you @ccfiel. Thank you.


@ccfiel this is very exciting. What is your roadmap for this. I think we would be interested in helping with it



RoadMap hopefully the community can contribute

  1. Adding more payment gateways
  2. Support more hardware printer, scanners, drawer etc.


@ccfiel thanks Chris! Will look forward to give this a spin. Is this good enough to replace the current offline PoS that is bundled with the standard? (But react!)

You should also add a licence.



Your always welcome! Yup. We could bundled it to the standard but we need to merge the server side app to the core.

Just tell us what we need to do for that to happen :slight_smile:

Just added license



Can your team integrate this into an existing ERPNext v10 installation?

Do you have the manpower to do that, or will we have to wait for it to get added to the core?




You can integrate it in your existing ERPNext installation by installing this app

then the POS will autimatically sync to ERPNExt



Very nice work… well done


This will help a lot. Awesome


thanks a lot @ccfiel , this is awesome


Nice work @ccfiel. Does it have customer loyalty like when you go to a supermarket and they ask you for your loyalty card in exchange for a points reward which you can claim later as discount?


This is great. Have you considered releasing APK within GitHub itself or distributing over F-Droid? Having to manage a Google Account for a fleet of tablets would be another unnecesary management overhead.


@hashpuppy for now we do not have a feature like that. We can put it in the roadmap :slight_smile:



@oxwivi that would be a great idea. We will include it in our CI. Thanks for the suggestion.



This is outstanding work well done!!!


Hello @oxwivi,

We already integrated to our CI so every time we publish a release git will have a release and play store also



Excellent, thank you for realizing my suggestions. I hope you also release on F-Droid some day, but you have our gratitude for removing the Google Play dependency.