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Numbering of accounts in chart of accounts


if I am not completely mistaken … there is a pending PR by @nabinhait that adds account numbers. Let me check …

… here it is I guess everyone with steaks in this feature (so actually anybody) should follow up on this in order to getting anywhere in the foreseeable future.

It has a bit scary label Don't merge. Does anyone know what that means? I see there have been some testes that failed, but I’d hope it’s still on it’s route towards being merged sooner or later.

Chart of account and account number

@vrms I tagged it “Don’t Merge”, because there are some pending things which need to be implemented. Hopefully I will complete development by the end of next week. Then it can be merged into develop branch and after merging it will be released with next 1/2 weeks.


Hi @nabinhait, I was wondering on how much longer till this is merged.
We are eager to see this go upstream.


Sorry for the delay, could not manage time to work on it. It will be merged soon.



I would like to highlight the fact that chart of accounts numbering is a statutory obligation (legal / local) in some countries such as FRANCE, LUXEMBOURG, SWEDEN and many others.
Unfottunatelly, if numbering is not activated, it is a strong NO-GO
Yes workarounds exist such as add it in description but it is not a viable solution.

Besides, would be good to have it as well on customers and vendors. Much easier to work in Excel with formulas on numbers than long string of text…


+1 for Austria and Germany. Account numbering is an absolute requirement for most - if not all European countries! Without this feature a separate accounting software would need to be used in order to full statutory requirements. So please make this a high priority. Thanks!!


Hi @barabace,

I fully agree with the fact that numbering is a legal requirement in France and we are all eagerly waiting for this functionality to be implemented.

In the meantime there is a workaround by using the FEC (Fichier des Ecritures Comptables) available in the following module :

It will allow you to match the legal requirements in case of control. The current french CoA is also correctly formatted for this report.

We plan to merge a better version into ERPNext as soon as the numbering is there.

I don’t know the requirements for Luxembourg and Sweden though…

Have a nice day.


Actually I think the question in not any longer IF Accounts will have numbers added to them, but only HOW FAST this feature is being merged into develop (and then the master branch)

This is the related Pull request on that feature.


In Switzerland there is a series number recommended, but not mandatory. Major companies have Mgmt books and statutory books separate. I don’t know why we can’t export CoA once a year give whatever number you want in excel.

After all there is no mandated ERP system.


I agree with all these points.
legally, one is required to keep account numbers. However, the main coders for ERPNext are currently overwhelmed with work, and there is a big effort to prioritize the requirements that all of us are asking.
I have spoken personally with several coders such as @nabinhait and @rmehta and @umair during ERPNext conference 2017 and it is clearly evident that despite their most extreme best efforts, they simply do not have enough time and resources to cater to our every whim. It’s just humanly impossible! The stress is evident. They MUST focus their work on serving their current customers well. They need to put food on the table. There is a big effort to prioritize the requirements that all of us are asking.

Simply put: We can “sit tight and wait” or “Contribute ourselves.”

Consequences of each:

Sit tight and wait

  1. You have no control over when this feature will effectively work
  2. You cannot effectively contribute much to this feature

Contribute ourselves

  1. You have a greater degree of control over when this feature will work.
  2. There is also flexibility into what contributing means: You can propose ideas in this forum or GitHub (Which do not guarantee the feature will make it) or you can go all the way to coding yourself the actual feature on your ERPNext develop fork, and then make a pull request. You can still program a perfect feature, and yet, it can still be rejected for core integration. So, you still have one more option: Your self-coded masterpiece, can be implemented as an App, which you publish on GitHub and document how to install it onto ERPNext. At least you now have control over your own ERPNext implementation, can then decide to contribute the code to the community or not. If enough users demand it be merged to core after having several successful real life test cases, then your contribution has accomplished one of the maximum contributions possible. Sure, great documentation, multilingual in the best case, and even video tutorials, with good subtitles and multilingual tracks, will have made your feature one of the best contributions possible.

It is just a matter of doing this:

  1. Add the field to the account DocType.
  2. Create a separate report that displays the “newly specified” account_number field as a Ledger view. Or modify the existing one to do so, but you run the risk that with each successful ERPNext update, the feature will break (although the existing data will not)

One could manually add the field, start registering the data, and when ERPNext pulls it and implements it out of box, it is just a matter of migrating to the new field name.



I agree with your points and I also think that “Contributing ourselves” should be the way to go. I do feel however, that there are many forms of contributing. There are of course coders that are able to create code, but I also feel that industry experts who are able to contribute ideas and knowledge are also important. Also I think that fundamental blocks of code, such as core functionality in the accounting module, may be best integrated by the most experienced developers, as it is a core feature – at least for European users – and most likely for a lot of frappe existing and future customers. It is also a feature that – in my opinion - should make it into the core branch asap for said reasons and this is also best taken care of by “internal” developers. By looking at this thread I think/hope that this issue has been identified as a core requirement and thus there is already work in progress on the implementation. Personally I am eagerly waiting for a result because we are currently evaluating ERP systems for a company but cannot currently consider ERPNext because of the missing Account Numbering. Thank you all!


On this issue I remember once saying the need of it and the temporary solution I found was to add another field “description” and use for account title /description while the exciting disks use for numbers… My main concert was to have this second field showing in every report and on the tree but managed to have it on the tree… This will be a hard task to implement as ERPNext is constantly updating and making a string field to number only will create many constrains in which I would propose to have the two fields initially as string and gradually change.
Or as I have done on my version just to have the description field present with the title and up to the user to complete the first with code (numbers and dots) and the second one with text.


Just to have an ideia of the accounts number we have

Description: - Proveitos De Instrumentos Financeiros Derivados - Bank

Shown now like - Proveitos De Instrumentos Financeiros Derivados - Bank


for people who are not used to account numbers (like me) the naming without numbers is much more logical and fun. although i am pro for nr. integration because of (maybe) legal issues in some countries. i just hope there is an implementation solution that serves the 99% (standard users that do not have the knowledge of numbers and the 1% (experts) that deal with book keeping and account numbers every day.

maybe a solution could be that numbers should be in the background, and for those who work with numbers or users who have to take a look at it, it should be visible with a setting checkbox/expand or something like that.

// And if there is a Video or (Workflow for SINGLE entry accounting in ERPnext?) please let me know.

Default chart of account is set instead of country chart of account

Hi @nabinhait!

Just wondering if you were still planning to merge the numbering of accounts “feature” any time soon? Is there still a lot of work involved to get this finished?



Seems it is merged!


Hi @nabinhait how can we upload the official charts of account from mexican government with numbers?. I tried but there are about 800 accounts and uses numbering and the site doesn’t accepts numbers… How can I upload it to make it available to anyone in mexico??? Thanks!!

here the link to the XML file:


@nabinhait As you promised kindly help expedite action on making the account numbers to determine positioning in the financial statements


Hi Team Members ,

i have one doubt how many levels available in erp next - ACCOUNTS section