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November' 21 Roadmap

Please create an issue with detailed info on our Github repo for this to be considered in the upcoming roadmaps.

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It has already been released in v13.11.0.

Thanks @njb, this is a valuable feature, please raise an issue over our Github Repo with detailed specs.

Thanks for this. There is an open issue that addresses this From a requirements standpoint, I will add some additional thoughts to the existing discussion. Thanks.

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i would like to sponsor “Paying an Outstanding Invoice with Credit Note”, how should i proceed?


Isn’t this already there. You can simple create a return or match payments using this credit note already created

ah I thought I read that there was another refactor coming. things like guest checkout and such

This is definitely needed

E-Commerce Cash on Delivery is really needed especially in places where no payment gateway is available


Cost of Sales Account Group should be introduced in the system. It should appear after Sales but before Expenses in the Profit and Loss Statement report. This is important for trading organizations.


Issues raised on GitHub:

@harshit-30 any news on the in-app task todo pop ups ?
is it done ? if not can I see the development git link n contribute ?

You can follow here.
Please use our Github Project to keep track of Roadmap Items :wink: