Notification Icons Not Updating in a timely Manner

Not sure what to call them exactly, but the red circles with numbers in them seem to appear whenever there is something to call attention to, such as an issue to be addressed, an outstanding invoice that was not paid, etc. I am calling these “notification icons” for the time being; please let me know the “official” term for these. Thank you.

The problem I am having is that, oftentimes, those icons don’t go away after the associated issues/documents have been updated. Currently, as an example, there is an icon on accounts/invoices for 2 outstanding invoices. I just updated these 2 this morning when payments came in for them. If I click on invoices, all the entries show green (meaning paid, and closed).

Also, there is a square red box at top right that gives a summary of all such notifications of outstanding issues, and that also shows there are 2 invoices outstanding. But if I click on the entry in the drop down menu from the red box, it takes me to a completely blank listing of outstanding invoices.

I have noticed that, in the past, sometimes it can take several minutes for these to update. Lately, though, notification icons may take a day or two to catch up. At any rate, it looks like there are outstanding invoices, then when you go to the list of actual invoice documents, I see there aren’t any ACTUALLY outstanding.

These notification icons are a very, very nice feature! Obviously, this latency problem needs to be addressed to avoid confusion. Thank you.

@cary thanks for reminding, I agree, there should not be a lag in the numbers

OK, so you know about this. Go ahead and close this if you need to. Thanks.