Notification badge shows incorrent number of notifications

I notice that the notification badge (that shows at the top right corner) is not always in-sync with the actual number of notifications.

I saw that the same issue was posted some time last year as well. The suggestion was to clear the browser cache. I tried doing that and it didn’t help. I logged out and logged back in and noticed that the incorrect notifications went away.

At other times, just moving around pages eventually got the notification badge to reflect the latest number of notifications. I think there was a mention somewhere that notifications are updated asynchronously and it might take some time.

Having to clear cache once in a while, or having to log out and log back in to clear notifications, or having to wait a while all seem non-ideal. Is there a way to make the notification badge be more in sync, or possibly disable the notification badge?

Except for this quirk, I have found the product to be very stable and user friendly. Nice work!

I am having the same problem…How do you deal with it?