Nothing happens in web interface by data import on localy installed system

Hi, I’m just start to setup an local installation of Version 8_0_46-0.
Actually I face the problem that when I try to import customer or supplier as xlsx or csv files. On my managed system the files run well but nothing happened in the web interface on local installation (no modification of the data, no error or other massage).

In the background happens following:

Before clicking on data import “find / -mmin 1” shows me just following modified files, which change quite frequently (expect there is another problem):

After clicking on data import “find / -mmin 1” shows me modifications on following files:
/sys/kernel/ …
… 190 events
/sys/module …
… 650 events

Would be great if someone could help to solve this issue.

Please upgrade your local setup to latest ERPNext version and try again. In between, we have released many fixes in the ERPNext.