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Not Permitted message

New build Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS server on Dell PC. Installed easy install production from GetHub link. All loaded fine.

From log in screen ( Enter Administrator as user and password. Get the green dot Success. Then receive the below message. It should take me to the setup page. What am I doing wrong? Also tried to run the Setup Production with no change.

Login message:

Not Permitted
You are not permitted to access this page.

Try a different Browser. I’ve had this issue with Chrome.
Also try clearing Browser cache as well.


Looks like Chrome is part of the issue. I was able to login as the Admin with Explore . It should of directed me to the setup page.

Now looks like Explore needs updating. Getting closer. Thanks.

Try Edge, explorer is not going to work with a lot of the dropdown fields. Or install Firefox.

Just cleared Cache on Chrome and seems to have done the trick. Was able to complete setup successfully. Looks like i am good to go. Thanks for your help!