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Not able to find the save button for Webform

I’m new to the community and I’m just exploring the Health care module and trying to create a website from where patients can register new appointments via the site .I’m not able to find the save button for the ‘Patient Appointment’ WebForm .Any help would be appreciated :grinning:.

It’s in the Actions Section of the Webform.

By default the label is Save. You can enter a Button Label here if you want to customize it.

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Isn’t that portion mean to customise the webform when displayed in the website .My problem is none of the customisation made to the form could be saved .When I make a duplicate copy of the default webform I’m able to edit it.Is there any restriction in editing the default webforms ?

Yes, you cannot edit the web forms present in core, unless you are in developer mode.


Ok Thanks for your time