No active domains in domain settings on fresh instalation

On fresh instalation of erpnext version 12 there isnt any active domains in settings.
List od modules is very limited, f.e. there is no stock module.
Has anyone know what how to resolve this problem?

It looks like you created a site,but the erpnext app is not installed there yet. But after configuring the system it is too late. You need to start fromscratch again.

What you need to do is delete your newly created site with
Bench drop-site (your-site)

Then create a new site (can have the same name)
Bench new-site (your site)

Before you configure your system, install erpnext into your site first:
Bench get-app erpnext
Bench --site (your site) install-app erpnext

After successfull installation configure your system as you have done and you should have all modules installed.


Tkanx a lot
Bench --site (your site) install-app erpnext resolved all problems :slight_smile:

Glad to hear that