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New to Frappe but already suggest an update of library management tutorial module

Hello dear all,
I’m running into learning curve on Frappe and ERPNext, and as learning, I patiently read the manual, perform native and docker installation, and learn how to use and tweak frappe.
Here is the result :
And enhancement of library management module base on tutorial

What to say, Frappe is really batteries included. I’m experience since 10 years into open source ERP/CRM integration and customization, and I think I’ve just found my new “toys”.
Let’s says, easy to develop module, easy to implement custom feature, and now with the hook to override standard DocType in next v13, it will just be a real big new future for Frappe/ERPNext. Just hope this new feature will no destroy the original goal : Every interesting common feature should be into the core, and share with every body (not keep by some companies for their lucky customers)
Another really interesting project is the Nextcloud integration module (, If it come real in v13, it will just over kill all other opensource ERP/CRM/(GED) on the market.

Happy Frappe/ERPNext integration and customization !