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New Stock Entry page wont load

I did a fresh install and testing out features. New stock entry page wont load.
Console gives out following error

Uncaught (in promise) SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier
at ScriptManager.setup (form.bundle.FGOFFFOQ.js:25188)
at FrappeForm.setup (form.bundle.FGOFFFOQ.js:36066)
at FrappeForm.refresh (form.bundle.FGOFFFOQ.js:36203)
at FormFactory.render (form.bundle.FGOFFFOQ.js:31952)
at FormFactory.show_doc (form.bundle.FGOFFFOQ.js:31922)
at FormFactory.make_and_show (form.bundle.FGOFFFOQ.js:31893)
at form.bundle.FGOFFFOQ.js:31878
at Object.with_doctype (desk.bundle.FBSEGUIL.js:426)
at FormFactory.make (form.bundle.FGOFFFOQ.js:31875)
at (desk.bundle.FBSEGUIL.js:40393)

This should resolve the issue: