New POS interface - Please contribute to the bounty :) [Now $1010!]

Coming from a manufacturer’s point of view -

  1. Would really like to use POS in our warehouse. Most of our customers work on credit. Can we add a Pay Later button? So pressing the pay later button would mean- sales invoice or delivery note is created and accounts receivable entry added against the customer. This along with default mode being user definable should be great!

  2. Another function that we could use is prioritizing customers/ orders.

  3. An email or update being sent automatically to customer email/phone should be a great feature!

  4. Is it possible to hide prices from certain users in POS?

Your point 1 can already be done…Just set payed amount to zero,
Well depending on yr contribution to bountysource the developers may consider yr wish list

phew! thx Rushabh for keeping an eye on UI/UX

I see too many buttons, colors, tabs and fields, especially if it’s gonna work for touch…!

I believe any UI intended for use on the shop-floor or in a store-environment should be self explanatory. Rather few and huge buttons with ultra-snappy response to navigate hierarchies than one UI does it all (and requires a manual + glasses to use it) :slight_smile:


Maybe interesting for you? Progresive web apps and electron

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Hello All,

Kindly share your feedback on new changes of the POS



Hey backers @rmehta want to claim the bounty based on POS Redesign For me I think there are few features in the bounty left out:

1- customer queue, where we can have more than one cart active and switch between them
2- easy fast way to edit customer details
3- Numeric keypad to enter value in quantity and rate field
4- Email option to send print of the invoice

looking forward to get your inputs
@Tropicalrambler @mulyadi-agtechsg @olamide_shodunke @federico_calvo @spa @JayRam @Mohammed_Redha @becht_robert @Pau_Rosello_Van_Scho

Thanks @ganas, for me I put bounty for 1&2 missing features!
It is essential for any kind of modern POS system and I need it to use in Resturants business

Hi @ganas

Thanks for following up on this.

Item 1 & 3 is essential to any POS system. That is my opinion.

Maybe @rmehta can clarify on the missing features first. We may missed out something or he has a good reason to.

I assumed issue (1) is solved because you can open as many invoices as possible and switch between them by clicking the list button (the one beside the new invoice button directly by the select or add new customer field)

(2) is very necessary
(4) is also very necessary
(3) is ideal to enhance the touch screen experience

@rmehta would you mind addressing this please???


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On a touchscreen device, whenever the input field is focused, the numeric keypad shows up automatically. So (3) shouldn’t be a problem.

Also, as @olamide_shodunke pointed out, (1) is covered.

We can work on (2) and (4) :slight_smile:


Hi All,

Thanks for your feedback,
For point 1 please check below GIF

We are working on remaining points and soon we’ll update.

Thanks, Rohit


@rohit_w looks great.

Grate Work @rohit_w, but How can I use this in restaurant?
Should I create walking customer?
What about tables?

Hi @Mohammed_Redha,

Can we add text field(Notes) in the POS and you can add the table information in that field. This field will be display in the toggle list view, or you can create the customer based on table no and make invoice against them

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I don’t think restaurant POS was a part of this project. Maybe a new Issue?

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Won’t it work for you by treating ‘Table numbers’ as customers?


Like @rmehta said Restaurant PoS should be a new issue, I am interested in that feature too, but would want the main PoS resolved first

Yes please - this is essential

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Just one more suggustion…if it’s possible to create custom field on pos screen


I also would love to see Restaurant module in POS. Would open a whole new segment for ERPNEXT. But I feel one step at a time is the need. Once the new POS passes UAT then Restaurant POS can be taken up. Whilst doing restaurant it would be appropriate to work on Hotel management module (bookings, rooms, occupancy, Telephone billing etc).

A big thank you to all the folks who are contributing with development, time, money and feedback.

May the force be with you!!!