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New Feature? Process Manufacturing


is this going to be merged into the core project?


Hello Salim

Trust you are doing very well…

Please i have tried reinstalling this app but i still can’t see the icon on the desk. Any idea what i can do?



Please can you help with this ? I have a demo in a few hours and this feature is quite critical for the client. I have the same issue as @EnSeal



Hi @EnSeal , @olamide_shodunke.

Sorry for the late reply.

This is the step to install the App.


you can use bench get-app

bench get-app process_manufacturing

that should download the app
then to install the app in your current site,

bench install-app process_manufacturing.

Once you successfully installed the module, The module would be listed on the left sidebar of explorer.

If you are trying to check the module as Normal user , You might not able to see the module, Since you may have not given the module access to that particular user. Please check and confirm…

Hope this helps.



Thank You @salim

This is exactly what i have done, but still i can’t find the icon on the sidebar. i have installed the app to try reinstalling but still same issue


Have you checked the user module Access as well as ‘Show or Hide Desktop Icons’ ?


yes i have. The apps seems to have been installed but i cant see the icon anywhere.


@salim It is like you have removed the app from the github.I could not install it running the command you specified.Or i am missing something.Kindly help your friend because i need this app now.Thanks


@Fred1 The link quoted above works for me. Good luck!


Hi @Fred1, Use this link, haven’t tried this on v11, let us know…