[New Feature] Filters Cleanup

Hello all,

I have been agonising over the list filters for the past few days. @IAGAdmin and @RobertSchouten tried solving it but that design too did not feel right.

So today morning I got a an idea :bulb: and realise we already have a solution.


I’m sorry, but it’s not clear what is bad about current design. So with this new UI there won’t be any prefilled values shown?

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@rmehta, how to clean filters once selected? i.e.:

How to clean Not Billed in Billing Status filter? It seems either that link field filters are not submitted on blur, refresh needs to be clicked to apply; is that by design?

Fixed. Will be part of next release.

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The new filters are really nice! Thanks @rmehta.

Just a question regarding the UI on mobile, don’t you think it would be better to have them hidden by default ?

On some Doctypes with a lot of filters, it can sometimes feel overwhelming.

It’s just a thought :wink:


Sure - can you post this on GitHub ?

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Done :wink:

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Good design.

I found two issues.

  1. Dropdown is not working in frappe cloud.

  2. Count is missing, which we use regularly.

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Its not a like, its a free text search

maybe a report?

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I agree with @chdecultot. This feature is very useful when using a computer or tablet, however quite confusing on smart phones. Certainly very useful if it is hidden by default on small screens.

Can we add child fields as standard filter? Previous design only allowed parent fields…

is standard filer removed??

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I think its useful if there is dropdown, for free text search we already have additional filter.
Or May be we can put checkbox whether Free text(like condition) or Dropdown (Equal Condition)

Similarly for Date filter, previously its taking Date Range, not it take only Date.

Also, created by, modified by is missing in new filter.


hi! Standar filter not show.

I feel the previous filter design was better…will have to try and figure out a way to get it implemented via customization.

Just my personal comments with feedback from some of our users. The new filters really are confusing, there are no dropdown selections for link type fields and recent filters will get placed in those new filters and the user just gets confused on which filters to use. I kinda feel the deck version seems more practical.

This has now been fixed!

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Thanks for fixing, this was a major drawback with new design. Any chance to make these dropdown lists show number of corresponding entries? E.g.

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Hi! Got a quick question.
What should I do in order to have this kind of filter design where there is a list with filter names??
This is what i have right now:

I would like to achieve something similar to @kolate_sambhaji screenshot.