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New category - Paid Development

Hi everyone,

We’ve created a new category Paid Development where people can discuss about sponsoring development of enhancements. There’s enough work for every developer in the forum. So, it would be awesome if the community can accept and work on such paid enhancements. :smile:

Anand Doshi.


Do you have any specific line you draw between Paid Development and something like a Community- or crowd funded development where various people give a little bit (thinking about the sub-warehouse project Funding campaign - Feature Request - Sub Warehouses #1008 for example)

To me paid development sounds a little bit more like 1 single person or company funds an entire project and maybe therefore also has earned the right to have it developed catering to that party’s specific needs

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@vrms Any standard feature for which one or more persons are willing to pay for can be considered under this category

Welcome Move…

The first and most useful feature I suggest for this category is…

Mass Editing. (select multiple records and edit one field). Can someone suggest the cost?

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@Deven_Shah if you are referring Editing fields from Report then it is available for report created using report builder tool.
We can edit single field.

Please see attached image

Although, selecting multiple records and edit field is good feature, let me know if you are referring same

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@kolate_sambhaji - I am referring to editing multiple records in one go. For eg. we select 10 records and change the field territory for all records simultaneously (Not one by one).

Deven please create GitHub issues for each feature and create a paid development discuss post if you want others to discuss this paid development or just want to highlight that it is up for grabs.

Anand, you mean to say that “New Category - Paid Development” is created in github? (The first post of this thread).

No it is a category on Discuss. You don’t have the ability to label issues on github, so it makes sense to highlight issues that you are ready to pay for on discuss.

Hello all,

What happened with the “Paid Development” category?
And as of now, what is the recommended method for calling for a community-funded feature?

It’s a simple 3 step organic process:

  • Create a GitHub Issue about the feature that you want in the core.
  • It will be reviewed on the parameters of “how generic the feature is”, “is it an integral piece or not”, “what are the chances of a workaround?” and so on. Also depends on the number of upvotes.
  • Once shortlisted for development, it will be available in the next version.

Thank you jaichavan.

Paid development is then just for customer customization?
Or is there still a way to expedite inclusion in an upcoming version by paying for the development of the feature? And in this latter case, is there a recommended way to build a group to fund such development?

Yes, there is. I have DMed you.