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New App for one-page shopping cart experience


hooks are pretty straight forward, you can do whatever you want to do with them!


Yes the hooks system is straight forward. What I mean is since frappe has such a nice way of generating documentation for everything else will the hooks get the same treatment in the future?

as it is, we developers would have to look at frappe and other apps sources to see what hooks they make available and what the call signatures look like for methods unless they are explicitly documented.


Has any effort been made for a hooks PR to allow for overriding of native controllers in Frappe. We’re looking to override the login.html and for our own purposes (specialized user signup). Our desire is to utilize a native hook system to leave frappe app untouched rather than perform similar monkey patching solutions.


cmuell89 have embarked on
building a totally new login and shopping cart app for Frappe/ERP Next. It
is being finalized right now.

Once it is launched with a couple of our projects and tested, we will open
its source code to the community. At that point, you may want to review it
to see if it fits your use case.

We have not invented any hooks there.



Do you have any news about this? I’m so exciting to see it


@Tai_Tran_Hong: we are on the finishing line with it. Awesome Shopping Cart app is being tested. Once it is released , I will update this thread with more details.


AWESOME! I’ve been monkey patching my ERPN shopping cart to add some more features and theme customization. But now maybe I will postpone my project and will replace it with yours. I cannot wait to see your product. God bless you sir.


@Shan_Ruan: we are on the final race of beta testing with the new shopping cart app (see the latest news on that at Magic of Open Source. I will update this thread further when it is ready to be exposed to community.


@gvyshnya: Hope to see it soon :slight_smile:


@gvyshnya hello sir, how is it going?


@Shan_Ruan , @Tai_Tran_Hong: we are still doing the beta test of the new shopping cart app with our customer. I will update this thread once we are done and ready to open the gate for the community to use it.


@gvyshnya hi there, do the new chart allow to hide completely prices?

How to hide prices in product list, product page, cart


@JoEz: Giovanni, we have not considered this feature in the scope of the effort as we could not see the right business case to fit the purpose. However, we are all limited by our own circle of vision :-), and this sometimes results in not seeing the valuable use cases/capabilities aside of it.

Could you please explain the business rationale behind this requirement and possible scenario to apply it in a real business operations context? This could be helpful to analyze it on our end.


@gvyshnya i agree about it is not conventional request :laughing:

Problem behind this is the request by a customer to prevent competitor to have easily look at the prices and react immediately.

Full story …customer has a chain of about 15 retail grocery store and most located in same city. He want to provide his customer the chance to buy on line at the same price of physical retail store.

By allowing this he doesn’t want, as wrote above, to have competitors having easy looking at prices. He know exactly that also his customer will not have the chance to see price …but he thinks that customers knows prices already.

One solution could be hiding for not logged …but as you can easily image, wouldn’t be difficult for a competitor to register and get the access.

I’m aware that’s not quite common scenario …but that are the requirements


Is this functionality working
Email/SMS notifications on placing order?
As I have added the sales email and the person with the email box but no email is sent to him or message on the system saying that a user made a quotation (I’ve not enabled the checkout with payment).


Email notifications work fine right now. SMS notifications have not been tested yet. Our current customer whom we test the current beta version of the application right now is not interested in sms notifications so we do not focus on it.


Hello sir. How is this project now?


the project launched with the customer per - however, there is a lot of follow-up activities there right now so we do not have enough time to properly ‘productize’ and ‘open-source’ it as a contribution to ERPNext trunk codebase. We will keep you updated on the progress here.


I’m trying to customize shopping cart for a customer. Can someone help me in figuring out how to achieve it through a custom app.


@gvyshnya Please keep us updated on this project! We are willing to purchase an integration for our company as well, if that would help move things along. Thank you!