Need to redefine Item Wise taxes for second company?

We have a an Item master record with CGST SGST and IGST rates defined for each item. Now we are setting up another company, which will use the existing items database.
Since the item wise tax rates were set against the first company’s tax account heads, the taxes are not being applied on invoices and orders of the new company.
Now, do I have to reset the entire items database and add new rows of new company’s tax account heads all over again, or is there another solution.?

any update ? i am also facing same scenario.

we have multiple companies and after some time we will be adding more companies in our erpnext instance, so we have to update all items (2000+) to include the tax account of each company which is not ideal way, is there any standard way to achieve this ? because some of the products have tax and some don’t

There is no solution, i had to use the data import tool to run updates on the item list.

in that case i have to run data import tool almost every day because we are having new company signing up almost daily and they will be using our products to sell through POS .

Do you have some sort of customization idea ? i can probably work with coding

Instead of setting up new companies, you can set up multiple POS profiles, and assign different income accounts for each pos profile.
You can also setup different letterheads for each profile.
But that of course would mean a single tax account for all POS profiles.
But a new company everyday is not going to be easy to set up.

no thoughts ?